If you need to modify your registrations to competition races or you need to change the crew boat athletes, please send the modifications and cancellations to email: If you need to modify registrations to races in the next few hours, please also contact the info point to make sure your changes are applied as soon as possible. 

In your request, please state clearly: 

Updates made during the competition will not be applied to pdf start lists at the web site. They will be shown immediately after the update is made at the online start lists and results. The online start lists and results for each day can be found at:  

The organizers ask the teams to make all the changes at earliest possible time. During the official training at Wednesday 5.7.2023 12:00-15:00 the info point is open for the changes. We kindly ask teams to make any possible changes during this time. 


The competitors can pickup their boat number at the boat umbers pickup site when they are going to water. The number pickup location is marked on the venue map. The boat umbers need to be returned when coming out of the water. The borrowed numbers will be marked at list so be prepared to identify your name at the number pickup. If numbers are lost, we will charge 5€/lost number. 

It is also allowed to use own number if team does not want to use provided number. The competition numbers need to be well identifiable black numbers on white background.


The medal ceremonies are held after the boat control of each race. The athletes will receive their medals in front of the boat control pier. We ask the participants to keep the boat control pier strictly in use for the boat control and medal ceremonies. All other traffic in and out of water needs to be done through other piers marked at the venue map.