Competition venue:

Lake Kaukajärvi, Tampere.

Address: Kangasalantie 76, 33730 Tampere

For navigator: Input address: Haiharansuu , Tampere, Finland.

Only cars towing trailer and bringing kayaks / canoes will be allowed to drive to the competition area during competition times. 

Empty trailers need to be parked at the marked trailer parking zone. In case the trailer park is full, the trailer needs to be taken to the car park at the opposite side of the road. 

All personnel cars bringing kayaks / canoes need to be unloaded at the marked unloading area. After kayaks and canoes are unloaded to the boat racks, the cars need to be taken to the marked car parks. No cars are allowed to park at the competition area without organizers’ special permission.

There are toilets at the right hand side of the map at beach. There are also available dressing rooms and showers. There is also sauna available. Sauna can be used by showing the competition passport. 

There are also portable toilets at the left had side on the map.

Drinking water
The tap water in Finland is safe to drink everywhere. We encourage the participants to use this possibility ad avoid buying water bottles. There is tap at the competition venue where you can fill your water bottles.  

Kiosk is selling snacks, drinks, coffee and sandwiches. The payment can be done with cash or credit card. 

Competition lanes and warmup:

All traffic to the start and warmup area is to be taken behind the competition lanes when looked from the referee tower. No other traffic than boat going to postrace boat control are allowed between the lanes and referee tower. Also traffic between the competition lanes and the beach is not allowed due to safety reasons. 

Athletes can use the competition lane area behind the start area for the warmup and cooldown. Please control you surroundings in order to avoid any collisions. Use the warmup area in counter clockwise direction, i.e. use lanes 1-4 to move away form the finish line and lanes 6-9 to move towards the finish line. 

5000 m:

Course for 5000 m races are described in the image below. The track has 4 laps. Start and finish line are both in front of the referee tower. Start line is marked with green balls in front of the finish line. The turning points are marked with 6pcs of red/yellow flags. Finish line in long distance course reaches across the whole lake. Competitors don’t need to come to finish between the short distance tracks’ buoys.